Benign Objects Printable Self Mailers

Benign Objects Self Mailers

When I was introduced to these pretty printable “Perch” self-mailers by Benign Objects, I instantly felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me. I used to use self-mailers all of the time to write to my various pen pals, and I had quite the cute collection. I hope that we’re seeing the start of a new self-mailer trend, because I still have a soft spot for them. And, if they’re all as pretty and colorful as these printable mailers, then I may just have to start a new collection!

Benign Objects Self Mailers

Benign Objects Self Mailers

Perch Self Mailing Notecards include a one page self-mailer template and a page of color button sticker enclosures, and they’re available in three different designs over at Benign Objects’ Etsy shop. And Rachel from Benign Objects has a blog filled with design inspiration, too!

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