B Designs Letterpress Greeting Cards

B Designs Letterpress Cards

Loveliness is all around in B Designs’ collection of letterpress cards, which includes simple, understated, and utterly elegant greeting and note cards for all occasions. Some of my favorites in the B Designs collection are their card caddies, which come filled with your choice of gorgeous letterpress cards or organizational cards. A great gift idea for paper-loving friends and family! B Designs also carries jewelry cards, an elegant greeting and gift, all rolled into one.

Just a small selection of what you can find in their collection:

B Designs Letterpress Cards

And a peek at B Designs’ lovely Valentine’s Day letterpress card collection:

B Designs Letterpress Greetings Cards

images from B Designs Letterpress

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  1. Karen Battles commented //


    Thanks so much for posting about B Designs Letterpress. I am a loyal reader of your blog and enjoy your findings. Even in the age of emails and tweets, paper holds a dear place in the hearts of many. There’s just nothing like getting something real in the mailbox.

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