Anna Cote Personalized Notes and Note Cards

Anna Cote Notes

It’s the end of February in Boston, and by now I’ve grown weary of the short days, and the cold, windy, snowy weather. But, hey, I chose to live here, right?! Anyway, I’ve been looking for Spring, and I’ve found a breath of warm, Spring air in Anna Cote’s, aka Modern Printed Matter’s, note cards.

Anna Cote Notes

Modern Printed Matter offers both all occasion and personalized note cards, which feature silhouettes from nature, inspired by Anna’s own photographs. And, if you live in a place where winter can seem to last forever, these note cards will make you feel like Spring isn’t so far away, after all.

Anna Cote Notes

Anna Cote Notes

images from Modern Printed Matter (Anna Cote)

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  1. hannita commented //

    I adore her stuff. I found her on etsy one day and have ordered more from her than anyone else I’ve found there.

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