Alef Betty Hebrew Alphabet Prints

Alef Betty Hebrew Alphabet Prints

I love a well designed alphabet print, but I don’t know that I’ve seen a foreign alphabet print before now. These sleek, modern Hebrew alphabet prints come from Alef Betty, Tsilli Pines’ new shop, which is devoted to modern Hebrew artwork. You may know Tsilli from her gorgeous, handmade ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) work, and you can check out her entire menagerie of creative projects over at

Alef Betty Hebrew Alphabet Prints

The alphabet prints feature letterforms based on two typefaces from the Hebrew canon: Frank Ruehl and Haim and were printed by the awesome Pinball Publishing on chipboard using soy-based inks. You can read the inspiring story behind Alef Betty and purchase the posters in Classic, Blocks, and Circle designs (red and blue colorways) at the Alef Betty shop. – via design*sponge and CoinOp

images from Alef Betty

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  1. Valerie commented //

    I love that in the first print, the alef, mem, and tav are made to stand out. Those letters spell “Emet,” or “truth.” What a great design.

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