9Spotmonk Color In Cards and Placemats

The new letterpress color in greeting cards and placemats by 9Spotmonk were another NSS item that instantly caught my eye. I always look forward to getting greeting cards from my niece because she includes her own special artwork in the interior of the card, and these new Color In Cards will allow children to express and create on the exterior of the cards, too!

9Spotmonk Color In Cards Placemats

9Spotmonk Color In Cards Placemats

9Spotmonk Color In Cards Placemats

9Spotmonk also has letterpress printed Color In Placemats, and I can’t help but want some of these for myself. The placemats are made from 100% eco-friendly materials and come in two designs. I think that they would be perfect for kids’ birthday parties, or you could use them to add a special touch to dinner at home or in a restaurant.

9Spotmonk Color In Cards Placemats

9Spotmonk Color In Cards Placemats

images from 9Spotmonk

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7 comments on “9Spotmonk Color In Cards and Placemats

  1. kristen commented //

    I definitely thought of you when I was putting the post together, Erin! I’ve been having coloring/crayon synchronicities everywhere for the past couple of weeks. It’s been great!

  2. Katie commented //

    Hello Paper Crave, thanks for the blog love! Since Father’s Day is coming fast and furious, we’d like to offer a give away to your readers –

    Leave a comment on this thread and we’ll send the responders a Father’s Day Colour in Card, compliments of 9SpotMonk. Give away will be over on Sunday, the 15th, and cards will go out Monday. Please email us at studio [at} 9spotmonk.com your mailing address and we’ll get it out!

    Thanks Paper Crave!

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  4. Robyn commented //

    Love that there’s a giveaway! I hope I win! 🙂

  5. kelly commented //

    I saw a lot of this new work at NSS and thought it was super duper. Such a fun idea. I know my toddler would love coloring the card for his dad. 😉

  6. Natalie Remington commented //

    Hi 9Spotmonk! I first looked at these cards when papercrave mentioned them in the blog and I thought they were the best idea I had seen since the letterpress ornate frame mats came out. My 3 year-old came over to the computer and decided she liked the robot the best. I told her she’d have to wait until payday – what a fortuitous giveaway! The placemats are something I’m going to order, too, because they will work at home as well as in restaurants. Thank you for designing a creative, thoughtful line that is child-oriented, for all the parents who love letterpress.

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